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G-Site-Manager 2.4.1

Demo is available upon request

We're providing fully OOP, AJAX, templates supported and search engines optimized PHP5/MySQL content management system that includes the following core modules:

  • Site Menu ( Structure ) builder
  • Online store. Payment through PayPal,, 2checkout, etc. and UPS shipping service support
  • News and Newsletter management
  • Social networking
  • Chart manegement
  • Voting system
  • Banner management
  • Photoalbums
  • Video management

Intranet Projects

  • CEATI International
    Sponsor / Contractor system for investment project management
  • Nork-Marash Medical Centre Management System
    System for controlling and monitoring patients, operations, catheterization, staff and other information. It also includes such features as complicated and simple search, data export to XML and CSV formatts, and administration of system users by workgroups and their permissions control.
  • School Manager
    Based on G-Site Manager platform, provides the following sections for building a full navigation panel for any educational system: Subject, Teachers, Location of classrooms, Schedule, Search (i.e. Selected teacher's lectures days)
  • Voting System
    Pre-voting system for Malatia-Sebastia district was designed for unlimited number of operators who were submitting current district citizens information with the preliminary choice of voting real time.